Eagle Ironworks

October 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Decided to swing by Eagle Ironworks near the old village of Curtin this evening. Very interesting place. Learned it was in operation between 1820 and 1921 when it burnt down. In the mid-70s it went through a very thorough and accurate restoration. According to their website, it is open for tours...which is on my to-do list either this fall, or next summer.

Pleasant FurnacePleasant FurnacePleasant Furnace at Eagle Ironworks. BranchesBranchesReminiscent of lightning branching in random directions... Eagle IronworksEagle IronworksEagle Ironworks produced pig iron at this location from 1820-1921 before Pleasant Furnace burnt down. It was restored in the mid to late-70s.