Poe Valley Walkabout

October 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Went for a short walkabout around the nature trail in Poe Valley State Park with the family this afternoon. Not a bad little walk...maybe a mile at the most. The trail starts just off the main road next to the DCNR job shack and winds through the woods and drops you out on the park perimeter road on the opposite side of the job shack. There's a small creek along a portion of the trail. The majority of the trail is wooded with a mix of hardwoods and evergreens. Not particularly scenic, but if you just want to get out of town, enjoy the birds, a few chipmunks, perhaps a squirrel or two, and if you're lucky...might stumble upon a deer as there's plenty of tracks in the sand near the lake. There's more trails than just the nature trail, but we'll take the steeper grades later this autumn, or wait until next summer to hit them up. Anyrate, interesting place...will be sure to get out there often.

AcornAcornA small oak acorn nestled into some interesting moss.