November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Completed and ordered my first run of brochures this evening. I haven't really ever put much thought into brochures before, much less create them. A bit of research was definitely in order. I did learn there has to be somewhat of a strategy involved. Particularly when it comes to the layout. If complete disregard is given to the layout, once they're printed...chances are, you and above all...the potential client is going to be very disappointed.

Mine is very similar to most tri-fold brochures floating around out there. I wanted nothing flashy or fancy, nothing overbearing and easy on the eyes, and something with a little bit of flow to it and read like a book. Meaning, I use the layout and content to hopefully steer the reader where I want them to go. I didn't want to create a "choose your own adventure"-style layout. This would all but guarantee the quickest route to the county landfill.

While mine isn't flashy or fancy, it does get the point across with what I think is just the right amount of information. The color choice isn't overbearing, and fairly easy on the eyes. At least my eyes. Here's a couple JPG's of what I have. They are at least a decent starting point. Take a look, tell me what you think.

brochure outsideBrochure OutsideBrochure outside brochure insideBrochure insideBrochure inside