Gavin at Victory Park

November 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Had a session with my nephew in Victory Park yesterday afternoon. I had a great time, and took a little away with regards to location and lighting. I really wanted to get a nicely framed shot with the trees in their autumn colors. Not wanting to drag out any off camera flash gear, I decided looking for a more natural look would have been the wiser choice. However mother nature had to put in her two cents. I underestimated the amount of sunlight being reflected off of the river near where we were shooting. A couple of the scenarios I wanted to create ended up with the backgrounds too dark, and the subject to bright. Trying to balance the light with reflectors just wasn't working. I think if the shots were done earlier in the day while the sun was overhead, and diffused more through the trees, they would have turned out exactly how they were intended. We'll just have to try again another day for those.