New Logo **Updated**

November 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Started working on a new logo for my business. I had no real idea of how difficult is can be to decide on a logo until I got going on mine. I started with one idea in mind, and made many changes in direction before I finally chose the design I wanted. I could have hired a marketing firm to create one for me, but I can't seem to keep my hands out of things and did one myself. It feels more personal and has a little bit more meaning to do it myself. That being said, I am happy with the layout. At this point I am test driving different color schemes to see what works best, but the general design layout will not change. Anyrate, take a look...tell me what you think.

**Update**- Did not like the original version, so I made some changes. Added two color bars to the top and bottom, filled the inside of the mountain, straightened my signature a bit, changed the background color slightly, and removed some of the drop shadowing. I'm liking the changes.

logo v1.0Logo v1.0logo v1.0 logo v2.0logo v2.0logo v2.0