Kaleidoscope Patterns

December 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Not much happening today other than listening to some Denver Broncos football on iHeart Radio. Decided to play around with a couple of my photographs to see how they would turn out as a kaleidoscope styled image. Some images work better than others. In some instances a repeating pattern worked well, while another did not. Either way, they turned out fairly interesting. The first is a stained glass chandelier, the second is diamond plate, and the third is of deposits on limestone blocks used to build a railroad trestle well over 100 years old. The entire process is fairly simple once you figure out how it's done. I used Photoshop, but something like Gimp (open source editor similar to Photoshop) should be able to accomplish the same thing. Dependent upon how they turn out, might make for an interesting wallpaper on a phone, or desktop background.

Stained GlassStained GlassStained Glass Diamond PlateDiamond PlateDiamond Plate LimestoneLimestoneLimestone



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