Week One: Self-Portrait **Completed**

January 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Week One: Self-PortraitWeek One: Self-PortraitWeek One: Self-Portrait

This week's assignment is almost over. Just a few days left before another is posted. Looking forward to seeing some other self-portraits!

This assignment was particularly interesting. First, I opted for a standard portrait. Nothing particularly creative...just a portrait. For some time I have needed an image for the "About" page on my website. This assignment took care of that. While working on my mood board for this, I did run across quite a few self-portraits that were rather interesting. Everything from a standard portrait, to macabre and conceptual. The range varied widely. Before the end of this project, we'll have another self-portrait. This will give me time to think about more of a conceptual portrait for the next time.

A few things learned. Self-portraits aren't as easy as I anticipated. especially when it came to composition. As I said before, I used a styrofoam head on a lightstand to get everything the way I wanted. When it came to the lighting, it became even more apparent a stand-in was required. Just a few inches difference between where the stand-in was place, and I ended up made a big difference in the way the light fell.

As far as any technical hurdles, I think the biggest concern was having an acceptable depth of field. I would have liked to have that nice creamy smooth background using a narrow depth of field. But, I also knew if I tried shooting at an aperture of f/2.8 to f/4, I would start running into issues of having parts of the image out of focus I didn't want to be. Specifically, the eyes. In this instance, a narrower aperture would be needed, so I opted for f/9. In this particular instance, f/9 gave me an overall DOF of fourty (+/-) inches, with almost seventeen to the front and twenty-three to the rear of the focal point. Could I have used a wider aperture...but was fond of the exposure I got with it, stuck there. That being said, if anyone is taking notes, below are the camera and flash settings.

  • Camera: 70mm, f/9, 1/160s, ISO-100
  • Flash: Key- camera right, 1/2 power, 24mm zoom, fire into reflective umbrella  Fill: camera left, 1/16 power, 50mm zoom, fired through a scrim as diffuser  Hair- directly overhead on boom, 1/16 power, 24mm zoom, fired through a small flash mounted softbox.

Overall, I'm pleased with the image. Could it be better...of course. However, for my second "selfie"...I'm pleased.

Another assignment will be coming out Sunday, so keep an eye open for that! Take care, be safe...!


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