Week Two: Wide-Angle Landscape **Completed**

January 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Joseph Sayers LakeJoseph Sayers LakeJoseph Sayers Lake

I cut this assignment pretty close. Three hours and some change before the deadline. Things were busy this week and didn't get to spend as much time dedicated as I would have liked. It is what it is. If you got an image to share, post it in the first posts comment section.

Any rate, its been crappy as far as weather has been concerned. And the focus of this assignment for myself was to try using that to my advantage. These images are from Bald Eagle State Park, specifically Joseph Sayers Lake. The lake is just about completely frozen over, minus a few areas here and there. Frozen enough there were a dozen or two people out ice fishing at the north end near Hunters Run. The lake is down quite a bit, so had some areas along the shoreline to explore I didn't have access to this summer.

Stopped by the Sandhill Cemetery while I was there, as well. Nice place to hang out...if you're into that sort of thing. Last time I was there, I don't remember there being any benches. Either there weren't any...or someone put a couple up there. Either way, nice place to sit, reflect on things...and check out some old headstones. One word of caution...some of the headstones are not marked and can easily be confused with just plain rocks lying on the ground. I haven't wandered the entire cemetery, but just the handful of dates I've seen, I'd have to say those headstones are late-1700s to early-1800s. If you wander into the place, show some respect and don't start kicking random rocks. They could be someone's headstone.

For those taking notes...on to the EXIF data for this project. None of these images were shot at the same settings, so I'll post for each image, just for clarity sake. Not much changed between shots. I knew the aperture wasn't going to change much, controlled  the exposure using the shutter speed instead.

Camera: 1.) 17mm, f/14, 1/6s, ISO-100...2.) 17mm, f/14, 1/5s, ISO-100...3.) 17mm, f/14, 1/5s, ISO-100...4.) 17mm, f/14, .6s, ISO-100...5.) 17mm, f/14, 15s, ISO-100

Iced OverIced OverIced Over ShorelineShorelineShoreline Greens RunGreens RunGreens Run Sandhill CemeterySandhill CemeterySandhill Cemetery

Next stop...Week Three.