Week Five: Still-Life **Completed**

February 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This week was somewhat of a challenge for health reasons. Last week, Ian came home from school sicker than a dog. Fever, body aches, you name it. Well...as luck would have it, it has been my turn for the past two days. Spent most of two days zombied up on Nyquil and caffeine. I skipped last weeks assignment, which I still need to do...so I wasn't going to pass on two in a row. Any rate, this is what I came up with.

The enemy today...dust. Just any little bit of dust kept showing up. Spent some time in photoshop getting rid of them. Guess I'll just have to spend more time with a can of air duster next time.

For those of you taking notes below is the EXIF data:

  • Camera: 50mm, f/16, 1/160s, ISO250.
  • Flash: 1- LP180, grid (magmod), 1/8 power, camera left...1- LP180, softbox, 1/16 power, camera right

Onward, and upward...next stop Week Six.


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