Back On Track

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

These past couple of weeks, I have fallen off the wagon, so to speak. I have been concentrating more on the business end of things than I have been writing in the blog, and working on my 52-week project. There's been quite a bit rolling around in my little dome. Taxes, business plan, marketing, working out financials for the business plan, planning for one potential client, and an event coming up in a couple of weeks. With the weather the way it is supposed to be playing out over the next couple of days, I figure now is as good a time as any to get things back on track.

As far as the 52-week project goes, we dropped off after week seven, which was a faceless portrait. To get things back on track we'll pick up there, and move along as we were. That being said, next weeks assignment will cover "Textures", and will be posted immediately following this one. Due to getting sidetracked and behind, it will not be due until next Sunday, the 26th. That will give us right at two weeks to get things back in order, and not be rushed to whip something out with little substance.

Any rate, strap up your boots, clean off your lenses and let's get to it!


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