Week Eight: Textures **Completed**

March 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Weathered Porch RailingWeathered Porch RailingWeathered Porch Railing

Took a timeout and headed downtown for a walk this afternoon. Today's mission was to find something suitable for this week's assignment on textures. There were quite a few things I found, but this house really caught my attention. It can definitely use a bit of TLC, but the design of the porch, specifically the railing was relatively interesting. Especially in terms of color, repeating patterns, symmetry, and geometric shapes. Any rate, of the images I did get, this one is my favorite. Originally, I was aiming for something in monochrome, but there wasn't enough contrast in tones to make it a worthwhile effort. I chose to keep it color instead. For those keeping score...below is the camera settings used.

  • Camera: 70mm, f/13, 1/50s, ISO-250


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