2017 Bellefonte Community Easter Egg Hunt

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This last Saturday was Bellefonte's annual Community Easter Egg Hunt. This being my first, I grabbed up my camera and headed down to Talleyrand Park and see what it's all about. This community event was put on by a few of the local Churches, businesses, and charitable organizations. There were mascots on hand, the Easter Bunny, a bounce house, Dominoe's Pizza, Texas Roadhouse had representatives present, as well as Snyder's Concessions. And to keep everyone in line, the Bellefonte Borough PD were hanging out, as well. The organizers had 15,000 plastic eggs loaded with various bits of candy, as well as prizes ranging from gift baskets to bicycles, strewn about the park. At two o'clock the whistle blew, and it was game on! Hundreds of kids darting in random directions gathering up as many eggs as they could fit in their baskets. It reminded me of battle scenes out of the Lord of the Rings...minus the catapults and battle axes. Although I'm sure that particular strategy has crossed someone's mind at some point. :-P

Kids Everywhere!Kids Everywhere!Kids Everywhere! Easter BunnyEaster BunnyEaster Bunny

As far as my end of things go, I wanted to take the opportunity to get out in the public eye and photograph the event to share on the Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. I also decided to use this opportunity to work with kids a bit, and work on event photography, as well. Every opportunity I have always seems to result in new experiences. For example, my first event for Centre LifeLink EMS I learned the limits of myself and my equipment with regards to various indoor lighting situations. The second event I covered was a simple business afterhours at a local business. This experience was more along the lines of working in somewhat confined spaces (smaller office), and interacting with various people. During this particular event, I had to work at a quick pace, make adjustments to my camera fairly quickly, anticipate the best shots (as good as I could get), and work with a relatively large group of people.

Overall, it was an enjoyable time, people were friendly (vendors and community both), and I managed to learn a thing or two. We'll see how everything works out, I may end up working a few more events for more experience. I have shared the images to my Facebook page, but the three cuties at the top are without a doubt my favorites.


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