Ricketts Glen

June 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was invited on a hike by her school's "Adventure Club" up at Ricketts Glen. If she attended, she would get extra credit applied to her Physical Education and Science points for the year. Being one not to turn down extra credit, she decided to join them...and I was enlisted, as well.

The hike took us along the Falls Trail from the trailhead at Rt. 118 and followed Kitchen Creek up past the Tuscarora, Mohican, and Oneida Falls. Everyone took a break to eat some chow at Midway Crevasse, and eventually headed back down to the trailhead past the Onadanga, R.B. Ricketts, and Wyandot Falls.

There were a couple of stretches that were rather challenging, but rather enjoyable. We'll definitely get back up there and explore some more when we're not in a time crunch. In the end, the daughter and I got some exercise...and she got some extra credits for her effort.


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